I'm Doug Moe, an Actor/Comedian at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre where I also teach improv.

I blog about the absurdity of parenting at Man Vs Child and I tweet here: @dougmoe.


I have a little part in this funny pilot Brian Glidewell created.


Check out the trailer for a new series from UCB Comedy and The Nerdist! Go Between the Scenes of movies’ most iconic moments. 

Premiering this Wednesday, June 18th on the Nerdist Channel

Can’t wait!

Inside Amy Schumer - Focus Group

Inside Amy Schumer

Check me out on Inside Amy Schumer!  

(by the way, if you know a better way to embed this video, let me know.  The Comedy Central embedded video didn’t look any better on a Tumblr video post).

I make a small appearance in this video as Annoying Diner #45.  Enjoy!

Ikea commercial

Cakey! The Cake from Outer Space: “Bakesale”

My Wife, The Ghost - episode 5

My Wife, The Ghost - episode 4

My Wife, The Ghost - episode 2

My Wife, The Ghost - episode 1

I’m one of these antelopes!

I’m in the back!

Mac ad