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I'm Doug Moe, an Actor/Comedian at the UCB Theatre NY where I also teach improv comedy.

I tweet here: @dougmoe

I write a Featured Tumblr blog on parenting, Man Vs Child
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This is not me. This is a comedian and actor named Doug Moe who you may recognize from roles on shows such as 30 Rock and Rescue Me. Or not. Maybe you’re more of a book person. I don’t know. Anyway, he Tumbls about dad-like stuff at manvchild.

He also created a show about his experiences as a father called Doug Moe Is A Bad Dad, which plays mostly in NY. But, Angelinos can catch it at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood tomorrow night.

Of the show, said, “Doug Moe may be a Bad Dad, but his show is pretty damn good.” Of course, with a publication name like that, I assume all their reviews are improvised.

The show is at 8 p.m. and tickets are a paltry $5, so lock the kids in the closet with a bowl of kibble and check it out.

Big thanks to The Daddy Complex for linking to my blog.  If you’re in LA, please try to come to my show!  It’s been mentioned in the NY Times, it’s been a Cool Mom Pick, and profiled on A Child Grows.

If you’re new to Man Versus Child, might I suggest my Angry Birds Lessons?  Or my 50 Essentials For Every Man’s Diaper Bag?


People can’t seem to leave Spongebob alone! What is it about this friendly doofus that makes people so threatened? He’s juvenile. He’s gross! He’s gay?

This time Spongebob is in hot (salt) water because of a study “suggesting that watching just nine minutes of that program can cause…


Yesterday, I posted on Facebook about doing a show called the Blender:

Tonight: The Mixer! at 11pm at UCBTNY

Note: “Mixer” not “Blender.” Close, but wrong.

Later, a friend was talking about shopping for clothes. He said that he sometimes shops at Dapper Banana.

“Dapper Banana?”



Balls! Somehow, despite wasting hours on Facebook, I missed all the news of this controversial study of testosterone that came out recently. Perhaps it is because Facebook thinks that all of my Top News should be pictures of weddings I wasn’t invited to. In any case, this study concluded…


The Netflix Instant Queue is a wonderful thing, allowing me to introduce my daughter to shows that aren’t normally on TV (especially since we killed cable, and thus Franklin. Quit yer whinin Franklin and get on the sled already). And she can watch multiple episodes in a row without…


The simmering tensions barely below the surface have boiled over, spilling hot resentment grease all over the London city kitchen floor and then an old lady rushes in and falls in a comedic way. Sorry, I lost my metaphor. The point is that London seems so NICE – but under the surface there…


A prepared dad is a happy dad! Here’s 50 Essentials for Every Dad’s Diaper Bag:

  1. What the fuck are we talking about? There’s no way you should be carrying around 50 things. I hope you know that! C’mon, man. You can do better than that.
  2. Metrocard
  3. You were going to carry around 50 things?…


There are various bits of detritus from the spawning of my new show (Doug Moe is a Bad Dad:  one more show in August on the 19th!).  I tried various things and had ideas that didn’t pay off.  I tried to be open to things that Phoebe and I already were doing that might be able to be used for my show.  

I had read about a fun puppet app for the iPad called Puppet Pals.  Basically, they provide little characters and various backgrounds and you can make your own little puppet shows.  The beauty part is that you can also import your own backgrounds and pictures and make shows.  These shows can be recorded and made into videos.

So I wanted to make a video with Phoebe and see how it went.  It didn’t make it into the show, but it’s sufficiently weird to make it into the Internet.


  • She picked out all the backgrounds from requested google searches.  
  • Yes, there is a part where I accidentally scare her because I am trying to move the plot along.