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I'm Doug Moe, an Actor/Comedian at the UCB Theatre NY where I also teach improv comedy.

I tweet here: @dougmoe

I write a Featured Tumblr blog on parenting, Man Vs Child
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Inside Amy Schumer

Check me out on Inside Amy Schumer!  

(by the way, if you know a better way to embed this video, let me know.  The Comedy Central embedded video didn’t look any better on a Tumblr video post).

I make a small appearance in this video as Annoying Diner #45.  Enjoy!





Improv Everywhere brought a Jurassic Park replica Jeep and a 15-foot-tall dinosaur costume to the streets of New York.

Full story and photos: Jurassic Park In Real Life – Movies In Real Life (Episode 6) | Improv Everywhere

I’m in the new Improv Everywhere prank with some cool friends. This was a blast to do!

So fun!

Great casting.

So good!

Jeff Goldblum fetishists, strap in!

Ikea commercial

Cakey! The Cake from Outer Space: “Bakesale”

My Wife, The Ghost - episode 5

My Wife, The Ghost - episode 4

My Wife, The Ghost - episode 2

My Wife, The Ghost - episode 1

I’m one of these antelopes!

I’m in the back!

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"A look behind the scenes into how Jose Canseco comes up with the most demented, brilliant, and hilarious tweets on Twitter."