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I'm Doug Moe, an Actor/Comedian at the UCB Theatre NY where I also teach improv comedy.

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Only wanted to add two things to Nick’s awesome remembrance here.

1.  All of us UCB kids are lucky.  The early UCB days were all about the DIY because it wasn’t even in most of our minds that comedy was a career.  Luckily, even though so many people have proved that it is by now, that DIY spirit is still alive and well.  Awesome people from (I’m gonna guess) the 80th generation are still putting up funny shit for no money that THEY like to please THEM.  

2.  And I want to give a shout-out to people who always seem to miss the best shows!  To the tired people, those who “need to go home” and miss the awesome show/experience that everyone will be talking about.  I saw a lot of the cool things Nick described but I missed a lot more of them.  And someone out there right now is missing another cool thing today, so here’s to you buddy!


Thanks for your support, everyone.

its been a beautiful year so far.

hope you understand that i post this in good spirits, and with love for all involved!



I wrote this last year.

I thought I’d post it, then I never did… i wanted to let it all cool off… besides, enough people…


The Brooklyn Paper did a little article on me and on my show Doug Moe is a Bad Dad.  It’s a really nice profile and a funny distillation of a twenty minute conversation. I think Kate did a very good job actually of making sense in a short article of my weird references to improv theory, scrawny dogs and taxi drivers.

I’m not entirely sure that I am “milking” the UCB Theatre (are they “milking” me?  It feels like there’s a perpetual milk-making machine in place.  I am as tired of this disgusting metaphor as you).


People have been asking me about my window at the UCB Theatre in NYC.

Yes, it IS a giant coloring book.

A couple of weeks ago, I got permission to dress the UCB Theatre window to promote Doug Moe is a Bad Dad (this Wednesday at UCB NY: please come!). I was just about to leave for LA to…


This is not me. This is a comedian and actor named Doug Moe who you may recognize from roles on shows such as 30 Rock and Rescue Me. Or not. Maybe you’re more of a book person. I don’t know. Anyway, he Tumbls about dad-like stuff at manvchild.

He also created a show about his experiences as a father called Doug Moe Is A Bad Dad, which plays mostly in NY. But, Angelinos can catch it at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood tomorrow night.

Of the show, said, “Doug Moe may be a Bad Dad, but his show is pretty damn good.” Of course, with a publication name like that, I assume all their reviews are improvised.

The show is at 8 p.m. and tickets are a paltry $5, so lock the kids in the closet with a bowl of kibble and check it out.

Big thanks to The Daddy Complex for linking to my blog.  If you’re in LA, please try to come to my show!  It’s been mentioned in the NY Times, it’s been a Cool Mom Pick, and profiled on A Child Grows.

If you’re new to Man Versus Child, might I suggest my Angry Birds Lessons?  Or my 50 Essentials For Every Man’s Diaper Bag?

Phoebe made this art.  I am responsible for the mind that found this to be a good idea.  
Find out why tonight!
DOUG MOE IS A BAD DAD at 8pm tonight!  

Phoebe made this art.  I am responsible for the mind that found this to be a good idea.  

Find out why tonight!

DOUG MOE IS A BAD DAD at 8pm tonight!  

UGH!  I am a Bad Dad just one more time this September at 8pm on Wednesday at UCB-NY.  Reservations here!

I have two shows in September:  9/7 and 9/14 at 8pm.  It’s like a Creep reunion month for me:  one show with Ryan Karels, the other with Jeff Hiller (and Amy Heidt).  

Please come see this show!  I’m really proud of it.

Reservations here!

***Time Out NY Critic’s Pick***

Doug Moe is a Bad Dad:  This Friday @ 7:30pm with Kate McKinnon on Ice!

Reservations here!

This is my last show in August, so come check it out!


There are various bits of detritus from the spawning of my new show (Doug Moe is a Bad Dad:  one more show in August on the 19th!).  I tried various things and had ideas that didn’t pay off.  I tried to be open to things that Phoebe and I already were doing that might be able to be used for my show.  

I had read about a fun puppet app for the iPad called Puppet Pals.  Basically, they provide little characters and various backgrounds and you can make your own little puppet shows.  The beauty part is that you can also import your own backgrounds and pictures and make shows.  These shows can be recorded and made into videos.

So I wanted to make a video with Phoebe and see how it went.  It didn’t make it into the show, but it’s sufficiently weird to make it into the Internet.


  • She picked out all the backgrounds from requested google searches.  
  • Yes, there is a part where I accidentally scare her because I am trying to move the plot along.

Tonight:  Doug Moe is a Bad Dad!

7:30pm at UCB!


One of the reasons/excuses I have for not writing on this blog as much as I’d like to be has been that I have been busting my ass on a new stage show. I’m super-proud of this show and it’s going to debut on the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre stage next Friday at 7:30pm. It’s called Doug…