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I'm Doug Moe, an Actor/Comedian at the UCB Theatre NY where I also teach improv comedy.

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I have two shows in September:  9/7 and 9/14 at 8pm.  It’s like a Creep reunion month for me:  one show with Ryan Karels, the other with Jeff Hiller (and Amy Heidt).  

Please come see this show!  I’m really proud of it.

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***Time Out NY Critic’s Pick***

Doug Moe is a Bad Dad:  This Friday @ 7:30pm with Kate McKinnon on Ice!

Reservations here!

This is my last show in August, so come check it out!


There are various bits of detritus from the spawning of my new show (Doug Moe is a Bad Dad:  one more show in August on the 19th!).  I tried various things and had ideas that didn’t pay off.  I tried to be open to things that Phoebe and I already were doing that might be able to be used for my show.  

I had read about a fun puppet app for the iPad called Puppet Pals.  Basically, they provide little characters and various backgrounds and you can make your own little puppet shows.  The beauty part is that you can also import your own backgrounds and pictures and make shows.  These shows can be recorded and made into videos.

So I wanted to make a video with Phoebe and see how it went.  It didn’t make it into the show, but it’s sufficiently weird to make it into the Internet.


  • She picked out all the backgrounds from requested google searches.  
  • Yes, there is a part where I accidentally scare her because I am trying to move the plot along.

Tonight:  Doug Moe is a Bad Dad!

7:30pm at UCB!


One of the reasons/excuses I have for not writing on this blog as much as I’d like to be has been that I have been busting my ass on a new stage show. I’m super-proud of this show and it’s going to debut on the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre stage next Friday at 7:30pm. It’s called Doug…


Doug Moe is a Bad Dad

My third UCB poster in the last 6 weeks.

(Need a poster? Drop me a line for a rate quote.)

This Friday, August 5th at 7:30pm!