I'm Doug Moe, an Actor/Comedian at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre where I also teach improv.

I blog about the absurdity of parenting at Man Vs Child and I tweet here: @dougmoe.



In this week’s episode, Doug Moe (Man v Child), Zhubin Parang (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart), & Natasha Rothwell (The Curfew) join Abra to create a world where gnomes heckle, cakes get made, but dicks don’t get touched at strip clubs, & Jackson Pollock steals scholarships.

Note: rumor has it that the person portraying “Amethyst” in the strip club started laughing mid-scene. The sound that was captured sounds like she became a monster in the studio. This is true. 

Check it out!  Really psyched to share this episode of Make Yourself Comfy with Abra Tabak.  It was a blast to record and it’s like having improv in your ears while you’re on the train or the bus or whatever.  Enjoy!